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At, you can find batteries, adapters and accessories for 100,000 types of devices and brands. Since 2006, we have shipped to over 850.000 clients worldwide. We work according to these 5 basic principles:

  1. Low prices
  2. High quality products
  3. Free shipping worldwide
  4. 14 day money back guarantee
  5. Factory Fresh

Factory Fresh always delivers factory fresh batteries. Batteries lose their power over time, even if they are not being used. Many importers and resellers store batteries in their warehouse for a long time before selling them. ensures that a battery is delivered immediately after it is made, through cooperation with the manufacturers. This way, you will always receive a brand new and high quality battery! It is possible that your product is sent directly from our other locations, instead of from stock. The product can be shipped from the Netherlands or Hongkong. In that case, the delivery time is generally 1 - 2 weeks.

Free shipping offers free shipping for all products in the web shop (this excludes any import costs at customs). For questions about this, contact our help desk.

Batteries and accessories are shipped in post boxes as much as possible, which fit through the letterbox. This way, you don't have to be at home to accept the order. Larger products will be sent as a package. The delivery person will hand these over to you personally at the door.

Registered shipment
If you so desire, shipments can be sent as registered shipment. We ask a contribution of £ 2.70 for this. With a registered shipment, it is possible to monitor at what point of the shipment process your package is. However, because many of the orders are post box packages, it won't always be possible to provide every status in the shipping process

Do you have any questions about shipping? Please feel free to contact us.

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Louis Verswyvel rated us:
BTC-NB2LH battery (600 mAh, Dark Gray)
Als ik nog iets nodig heb,zal ik zeker eerst aan jullie denken
About the product:
Alles werkt prima 5/5
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  • Free shipping
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Over 850.000 customers

Questions? Mail to:

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